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Experience Japan from your home.

Group photo sessions.

Usn of exclusive pieces.

Asian getaways on the Costa Brava

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Do you need a kimono to make a showcase?

Want to make a photocall for your party?

Are you looking for a unique activity for your wedding?

See what we can offer you.

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We have all kinds of traditional Japanese material not for sale that can help illustrate what the world of Japanese traditional clothing is like.

From the most exclusive Obis to hand-painted and hand-embroidered Kimonos.

All pieces are accompanied by an explanation of the type, history and use.

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If you want information on what is the best activity for you, leave your details.

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Who are we?

Shipments and returns

If you have any question please contact us, we are at your service.

We also buy Kimono, yukata and other second hand. Write us

Many articles we have only one of each, once sold it’s very provable we’ll not have it again.

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Esta entrada también está disponible en: Catalan Spanish